Treating UFC Fighter Davey Grant


Having worked as an osteopath in Urban Kings Gym in Kings Cross since its opening in 2010 I have had the opportunity to work with a total mix of people and injuries.

Being a mixed martial arts gym, some of the most common people I get to treat are fighters with all sorts of sports related injuries, and every now and then I get to assess and treat some top fighters, although when I meet them it is usually to get an opinion on an injury rather than for a chinwag. One such occasion was fairly recently when I met Davey Grant, a Bantamweight fighting in the UFC.

Davey came to see me having injured his knee in training just days before he was due to fight in the UFC on March 8th and needed to know what he had done and what he could do to be ready to fight (Davey has given me permission to mention him in this blog).

Davey’s knee was noticeably swollen and on testing appeared to have sprained his medial colateral ligament of the knee and there was little that could be done in terms of treatment so all I could do was to strap the knee using Rock Tape to give it a little bit more support and give him advice for the hours leading up to the weigh in.

Unfortunately Davey was unable to fight due to the diagnosis of Meniscus Tear given by the fight doctors, which is probably just as well as any kick to the leg or knee could have caused some serious problems!

Hopefully Davey’s knee is now well on the mend and he will be back to fighting in the very near future!