Personal Training Kings Cross and Central London

Personal Training Kings Cross, Central London

Do You Want A Better Looking Body?

We all have something about our body that we are not happy about and would like to change. Even those who to us look perfect, have something that they don’t like about themselves. This is normal and it helps us to pursue a better version of our current selves.

In and around Kings Cross, many of you probably work in a corporate office job; sitting most of the day, being surrounded by the office sweets and snacks! It’s not easy to change your body when temptation is all around you! You are probably also sitting down all day, adding to the daily weight gain.

Are You Ashamed Of Your Body?

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Are you happy with how you look or embarrassed by the unwanted lumps and bumps?

Everyone has different goals when it comes to their health, fitness and their body shapes; some want to be more muscular, others want to lose weight or tone up. Some people want to recover from an injury or improve their overall functioning of their body.

When you’re not happy with your body the way it is, you won’t live to your fullest potential. Maybe you are ANGRY at yourself for letting yourself get this way?

Would you like to be able to go on holiday and wear your swimsuit with confidence with a flat and toned stomach. You want to feel great and look sexy when you wear that backless dress for parties.

So what is your goal?

Woman With Too Much Belly FatDo you want to;

  • Lose the flab?
  • Lose weight?
  • Tone Up in all the right places?

If you answered YES to any of the above then read on because we may be able to help you!

What Goals Can We Help You Achieve?

If you want to shed that horrible unwanted fat from around your belly or your arms and start to look and feel amazing then we can help you.

We can help you to feel more energetic, more confident, lighter and sexier!

Urban Kings Gym in Kings Cross, London, is a multi million pound luxury gym and martial arts club, full of functional training equipment. This is what makes training FUN and not boring like your standard commercial gyms!

Who Should NOT Train With Us?

While we have the knowledge of all aspects of fitness, building muscle is not our specialty. The only goal we would not be suited to you for is if you want to pack on large amounts of muscle, or do bodybuilding. To achieve this goal you would best be suited to a more bodybuilding specific facility.

How Can Our Personal Trainer Help You?

Our personal trainers have years of experience in the fitness industry and their knowledge of the body and the mechanics of movement is up there amongst the top trainers in London.

You tell us what you want and we will give you whatever help you need. Whether you just want to train twice a week and that’s it, then that’s fine. If you want guidance, knowledge, meal plans and regular weigh-ins and body fat tests, then that’s also fine with us! We would love to help you achieve your goals and are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure you achieve it!

Why Should You Trust Us?

Let’s be brutally honest here… everyone is a personal trainer these days! Personal trainers are everywhere, but not all personal trainers are the same!

To become a personal trainer is as simple as passing a basic 6-week course and can be passed by people who have zero training experience!

When you come to choose yourself a personal trainer you need to decide EXACTLY what YOU want to achieve and then find a trainer who is right for YOU!

Personal training isn’t what is used to be.

Years ago, personal training (in London especially) used to be for the rich and famous, for those mad enough to be beasted by a drill sergeant style trainer who only knew two levels of volume; off or shouting.

Now personal training is different. Personal training is PERSONAL, tailored to you as an individual.

Our approach is most definitely not the shouting and body breaking style that many people may have visions of in their heads. Instead, we prefer to pay attention to you, watching you closely to make sure that your technique is spot on and that you are safe and also enjoying your session, but most importantly, GETTING YOU RESULTS!

With Ashley’s knowledge of the human body, plus his years of personal training experience you can be sure you will be given quality sessions, specific to you and your needs.

What Are The Benefits of Training With Us?

  • You will not only be taken through your workouts at a level to suit your needs and fitness levels, but you may also be provided with nutritional and lifestyle advice should you require it.
  • If you follow our advice you will not only start looking better, but you will also start to feel more energetic and healthier.

What Should You Do Now?

Because we are serious about getting you results, we are therefore very selective about who we take on as clients.

If you are serious about improving your body and your life then personal training is for you.

Give us a call on 07825 418481 or email us at and we can discuss your goals and how we can help you.