Ashley Ridout was recommended to me through a family member. Having had no luck with my GP for a long term knee pain I decided it was time to try a different avenue and so I booked an appointment to see Ashley. I was instantly impressed by his professional attitude and holistic approach to my problem. As an anatomy graduate and a medical student, I still learned new things about my body and health at every session; where once I was a calorie-counting gym addict, I have now learned that there were some fundamental misunderstandings in my approach to being healthy. Although professional, Ashley is still friendly and easy to talk to and took a comprehensive history and thoroughly assessed my knee and the related joints. It is obvious that he is serious about helping his clients as he has a vast knowledge base to draw upon for tackling health problems, helping others understand their health and for giving advice, which for me has changed my lifestyle completely. Not only was Ashley able to resolve my knee pain, but the advice on diet and exercise has stopped my food cravings and has made me feel more physically able and energetic. Ashley is very happy to discuss nutritional advice at any time and I strongly recommend taking advantage of this if nutrition fascinates you as well. Ashley can also recommend literature for further reading which I have found particularly helpful. Overall I was extremely pleased with the help Ashley gave me; he resolved my knee pain with one session and is currently treating a separate shoulder issue. I would recommend him for any musculoskeletal problem above anyone else, even my GP!
Jalileh Jubrail

I came to Ashley after eight months of suffering from chronic daily headaches that at times were so severe as to prevent me from going to work. I had pursued several avenues of treatment, including visits to the neurologist, allergist, ENT & chiropractor. I had been prescribed everything from allergy medication to antidepressants; no course of action provided effective reprieve from the constant pressure behind my eyes and in my neck. After just four or five treatments with Ash, I felt relief I had not experienced in over eight months. His combination of muscular work, manipulations & acupuncture got to the source of the problem instead of masking the symptoms. I am incredibly grateful to Ashley for his help and recommend him without hesitation to anyone who suffers from severe headaches!
Gillian Kemmerer

Thanks to Ashley Ridout for all the help getting me on the road to recovery. About a month ago I couldn’t walk up or down stairs without feeling pain in my right knee and squats were absolute agony. After 2 sessions of knee acupuncture and some great advice on supplements and epsom salt baths I’m now on the road to recovery and was back on the treadmill today followed by 2 group classes and a private 1 hour and knee feels much better than it did. If you have a sports injury contact him :)
Dominic Beaven

I work in the fitness industry therefore I train myself a lot because I am passionate and also because I want to be an example for my clients. I do between 5 and 8 sessions a week. I do brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) 5 times a week and I add to this some TRX training and some stand up training such as Thai boxing. As a consequence, my body is regularly very sore and I get form time to time a stiff neck or a stiff lower back and a minor shoulder injury. Last monday I did a hard and exhausting BJJ session involving a lot of sparring. After the session, I could feel that my neck was really stiff, mainly on the right hand side. I did not sleep very well that night…. The morning after I saw Ashley for a treatment that would involve osteopathy and sports massage. After an assesment of my condition, he started to massage the deep soft tissue of my neck, trapezius, rhomboids and deltoids. Then, he manipulated my neck and upper back and finished by more massage. I could straight away feel the difference even though he warned me that it could get a bit stiffer later during the day. The day after, all the stiffness was gone, I could move my neck in its normal range of motion and go back to training!!! Thank you Ashley for dealing in 30 minutes with my minor situations and allowing me to go back training hard the day after!
Bruno Rodriguez, Managing Director, Urban Kings Gym, London

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