Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Sports massage is not only for those who take part in regular exercise. If you live in London, the chances are you have a stressful life; working 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, traveling to work by bus, train, taxi, tube or bike. High heels, heavy bags, backpacks, shopping or sitting hunched over a desk all day long; it all adds up and before long your muscles are as stressed and tight as you are!

This is a great therapy for those who are in some sort of physical training, such as Runners, Cyclists, Triathletes, Martial Artists etc. It is perfect for maintaining an injury free state leading up to an event, recovering immediately after event such as a marathon or recovery from an injury.

Sports massage works into the muscles, loosening them up, allowing blood to flow though easier which in turn reduces the chances of injury as your muscles can adapt to sudden changes such as if you were to fall, or changes in load such as your child jumping on your back when you’re not expecting them to.

Sports massage consists of various techniques such as Swedish massage, trigger point release, deep tissue massage and neuromuscular inhibitions.

Fees: £55 for 30 Minutes, or £70 for 60 Minutes.

To get back to your normal or to help prevent injury call us on 07810 204843 today to make an appointment and enjoy an effective sports massage.