Insulin- The Fat Storing Hormone

This one hormone can be your worst enemy when it comes to losing weight

and yet it is essential to your survival

because without it you would not have lived this long!

It’s called


It is THE fat storing hormone.

It’s role is to take sugar out of your blood (also called Glycogen)

and deposit that sugar into fat cells.

There are two other places that sugar can go in the body;

The liver and the muscles.

Think of these two sites as buckets.

Once they are both full with the amount of glycogen they can store, that glycogen has to go somewhere else.

And that other place is a bottomless bucket called your fat cells.

Fat cells can grow and grow and grow, making you fatter and fatter.

But the good news is that Insulin is only released when there is sugar in the blood.

The main way sugar gets there is from what you’ve eaten.

Meals high in carbohydrates will cause a high level of insulin release and therefore will either make you fatter or will stop you losing any fat that you are in the process of losing.

So if you’re trying to lose weight, the best first step is to make sure your blood sugar levels are kept level and are not fluctuating all over the place.

This is done through not eating foods that will raise your blood sugar levels too high or too fast.

Low GL foods are good for this.

I analyse all of my clients blood for Uric Acid, Ketones and Glucose levels as it gives me a deeper understanding of what sate their body is is and whether they are in fat burning or fat storing.

This allows me to tailor their diets and training accordingly and get them results rather than just “pissing in the dark”!

If you want results then do something that gets you results.

Like working with me.

I’m taking on a couple of new clients this month.

I’m picky with who I choose though as they have to be a good fit, not just a time waster.

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