Tell Me About Your Weight Loss Goals

Ever since I can remember I had never seen a six pack on me. I was never fat, just a bit chubby around the middle.

See, I love sweet foods; cakes, biscuits and desserts!

But in 2014 I decided enough was enough and I really applied what I knew and within 5 months I had some pretty good definition!

I wasn’t “ripped” or “shredded”, just had a decent six pack.

I don’t want to be too lean, it borders on obsessive and narcissistic. I do want to enjoy life and be able to eat the thnigs i enjoy.

But, while I was losing that excess weight I was pretty strict; I didn’t have the bad things that I enjoy all too often.

My goals were quite extreme by some people’s standards and so my diet had to be too.

But not everyone wants that, and maybe you don’t either.

Everyone is individual and has a story and goals.

I would love to hear yours and what has led you to this point now.

I read every email you send to me and I would love to get to know you and what your goals are and why you have those goals.

What are you struggling with right now?

What have you tried in the past that hasn’t worked?

How willing to change are you right now?

Tell me what ever you like in as much or as little detail as you feel comfortable with.

I’ll be right here waiting,

Speak to you soon


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