Weight Gain Wasn’t Your Fault!

You know what pisses me off?

When people stand there and lecture overweight people about how it is easy to lose wieght.

“Just eat less and exercise more” they say.

Or “eat less calories and burn more”

That’s bullshit!

How many times have you tried that yourself?

If it was that simple everyone would be skinny!

Behind every fat person is a million different reasons why they may have gained weight in the first place.

People don’t just wake up and decide to stuff their faces every day until it’s too late.

Food is often a comfort for people.

There are emotional triggers; stress, anxiety, depression.

Hell I stuff my face with biscuits when I’m stressed!

I can’t help it!

Now, we all know there are millions of different diets out there.

This obesity epidemic is not because of a lack of diets.

I think it’s more than that.

We need to look deeper.

Sure emotions play a part, but what about those people who don’t eat too bad and yet still can’t shift the weight?

We need to look at other things like;

Hormones- is their INSULIN levels too high for too long?, do they have an UNDER ACTIVE THYROID?, are their CORTISOL levels chronically elevated? do they have TOO MUCH OESTROGEN or NOT ENOUGH TESTOSTERONE?

Toxins- has this person been gaining fat as a way of storing toxins to prevent the body becoming damaged? There are traces of more man made chemicals in our bodies than ever before, even at birth a baby’s blood can show hundreds of different man made chemicals.

Wrong type of food- we are advised to eat a certain way by the NHS and our doctors, and yet that is just not right for most people.

There are many many other reasons why people gain fat.

The key is often to start looking at WHEN this first started happening and try to establish WHY.

This is something I work on a lot with many of my Personal Training and Functional Medicine clients and it’s interesting to see the many different causes.

The good news is that they can all lose weight and so can you.

You just have to understand what to do.

I’ll cover some of the above topics in more detail soon,

Stay tuned!


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