1 Treatment A Week For 5 Years

The other day I was introduced to a guy who had a lower back issue.

He’d been suffering with this discomfort for many years and was seeing a physio for treatment.

Pretty normal so far.

But then he told me he had been going to see this physio EVERY WEEK…

For 5 years!!

I nearly fell off my seat in disbelief!


I couldn’t help myself, I had to say the obvious thing…

“Surely if you’ve been having treatment for that long it’s not working?!”

Ok, yes, some chronic issues can take some time to resolve…

But not THAT long!

And do you know what his reasoning was?

“I’m afraid that if I don’t have a treatment every week it will get worse”.

Dude, something is clearly missing here.

And a treatment every week will also not make it any better!

My advice to him was that he needs to approach this from a different angle.

Maybe look at his flexibility or strength imbalances,

or food intolerances

or try a different therapy.

The take home message here is this;

Whatever your problem is, don’t continue with a way of doing something if it’s not producing results.

Obviously this can be applied to all aspects of life but in our case, I’m talking about

fitness, therapy or even your practitioner.

Some of the different approaches we try here in Kings Cross aside from the Osteopathic work are;

Rock/Kinesio Taping, Acupuncture, Strength Training, Flexibility Exercises and Nutrition.

That’s all for today.


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