A Quick Fix Is Never The Answer

This week I have been measuring quite a few people’s body fat levels.

I use it as a way of tracking progress for those who are looking to lose weight,

and also to find out the amount of fat a person has internally (because even skinny people can be fat inside).

Anyway one guy in his 50’s, who had the typical male middle age spread (around his belly)

clearly needed to drop some weight.

He was asking me why he couldn’t lose weight and proceeded to show me his list of Kindle books.

There must have been at least 50 diet books in there!

But one thing that stood out to me was that all of the diets listed were either fairly extreme or unsustainable short term diets.

All these books promise rapid weight loss and amazing results.

But they don’t.

Any weight that’s lost is initially water weight and by the time any fat starts to get burned,

the poor victim following this diet has already caved in and jumped head first into the richest chocolate cake they can find!

If you want results, you have to do what is realistic and sustainable and will produce results over time.

The same goes for injuries.

You can’t get an over night fix.

Any therapy or therapist claiming they can fix you in one session is lying

And if you think any therapy or therapist can fix you in one session then you are deluded.

Work with your therapist and do the work they recommend you do and you will improve quicker.

We use our experience to tell you how long we think your problem will take to resolve and how many treatments it may need.

We don’t always get it exact but we’re often pretty close.

If you need any injury or nutrition advice, let us know!


Ashley and Luke
(Your Kings Cross Osteo’s)

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