I’m Sorry, I Just Don’t Have Time

As a therapist, one of the worst things we can hear from a patient is;

“It’s just not getting any better”

It makes us feel like we have failed; like we are not good enough almost.

It thankfully doesn’t happen often.

A uni tutor once said to me;

“If someone isn’t getting better it’s one of three things;
– The therapy is wrong for the patient
– The practitioner
– The patient”

And you know what this is so true.

There are times in practice when us practitioners (Luke or me) can see what the problem is.

We can treat the problem to some extent, but you know what?

You have to do things in between treatments to continue your own improvement and if you don’t then your recovery is much slower.

The common excuse is

“I just haven’t had the time”

We get it; life sometimes gets in the way.

But seriously, are you telling me you haven’t had time first thing in the morning or last thing at night to do

1 MINUTE’S worth of an exercise?

It reminds me of a cartoon joke of a guy at the doctor’s


So where in your day can you find the time to do that 1 thing that will help you recover faster, get stronger or be more flexible?

Failing that, you’re welcome to get a tune up from Me or Luke

If you need help with anything, do let us know!


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