A Recent Car Crash Gave Me Back Pain! Here’s How I Solved It.

by Ashley Ridout

The other morning I was on my way to work.

It was a normal day like every other day, coffee in the cup holder, listening to a geeky podcast and enjoying the comfort of my car.

Traffic in front started slowing as we approached the traffic lights and so I started slowing down also.

Then, BOOM!

The car hops forwards as the car behind me came smashing in to the back of me!

Oddly enough I was super cool, strange because situations like that would make me super shaky!

Anyway, the guy was alright and was probably more shaken than me. He wasn’t paying attention and by the time he looked up it was too late!

We exchanged details and so follows hours of phone calls to all the necessary companies.

There wasn’t actually that much damage and aside from a slight ache in the lower back I was fine too.

But the ache didn’t go away and continued to remain stiff even a couple of weeks after.

If only I knew some therapists who could help!

Well funny you should mention that… I work with Steven and Luke.

At this point I hadn’t already had a treatment with Steven so I booked myself in with him.

If you don’t know who Steven is, he is the guy who does sports massage for us. He has a Batchelors in Osteopathy but never finished the course so can’t call himself an Osteopath, but his level of knowledge is INSANE! Probably knows more than me!

Although I was expecting the usual kind of sports massage I was most impressed with how Steven worked. He looked at me totally holistically and treated above and below the area of pain, including some stretches and active release techniques.

So if you want a thorough sports massage treatment then get yourself booked in with Steven today!

Call us on 07825 418481 or email info@kingscrossosteopathy.co.uk

Speak to you soon

Ashley ‘no longer broken’ Ridout