Why Do I Have The Posture I Have?

My patients often ask the question, ‘Why do I have the posture I have?’ Is it nature or nurture? Not an easy question to answer.

Healthy spinal curves and a ‘good’ posture will be influenced by the size and orientation of the spinal vertebra, dictated by genetics. But as an Osteopath, I know that it is possible to influence your ‘natural’ posture with treatment and specific exercises.

Unfortunately, our ‘Natural’ posture these days is largely slumping in front of a computer screen or on a sofa. This is a relatively new challenge for the human body and causes a wide range of joint pain and postural problems. This video investigates the origins of our posture and reinforces some of the information and cues I give to my patients about their sitting.

Our ancestors spent thousands of years developing our upright posture which would have been maintained with lots of movement throughout the day. Of course, we aren’t hunter gatherers anymore, but if you are suffering from discomfort at your desk, or would like some advice tailored specifically to your posture, book an appointment today.


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